Baitcasting – First Impressions

I’ve written before about how hard it can be for a woman to learn the basics of fishing since the sport is mostly practiced by men. In spite of the fact that I used to be a member of fishing clubs back when I was in college, once I started working it wasn’t so easy anymore. I wanted to go out fishing by myself or with a girlfriend who also wanted to learn the works of baitcasting but I had little time. In the end, we decided that we’d try out our best at getting together every Saturday or Sunday, depending on when we both had a bit of time off from work. This blog post is going to be all about my learning experience with regard to baitcasting and about some of the fishing gear that I started utilizing in the beginning.


dumwiam2Seeing how I’m not a well-seasoned fisherwoman, I wanted to spend my money on something worth the while, but I had no intention on getting an overly expensive rod or reel that I couldn’t use properly. I started my quest for the perfect equipment by going through some rod &reel reviews and ratings, which is what I recommend to anyone who wants to learn a bit about fishing, in general. Soon enough, I realized that baitcasting was not the easiest technique ever to have been invented, but since I’m ambitious enough, I wanted to learn the basics as best as I could. I learned that the most important part of a baitcasting setup was the reel. From what I gathered, a cheap one wouldn’t do because the parts should have been made out of high-quality materials. I decided to go for the Piscifun Black Baitcasting Reel because I was impressed with the level of critical acclaim gathered by the item and it seemed reasonably priced and well-built. This product is a medium-speed option that I could use regardless of my expertise in the field or the fishing circumstances that I would come across. Even though I wanted to get some fluorocarbon line, I decided to go against it and settle for monofilament instead, because I noticed that experts recommend this type of line for beginners. It’s supposed to be easier to cast.

dumwiam3Both the hunting and the fishing community seems to think that getting a rod and reel that hasn’t been manufactured by a big brand is the wrong way to go about things. I don’t know if this is a healthy way of thinking, but I was able to find a rather affordable alternative, the Abu Garcia Medium Veritas Casting Rod. This pole seems to be durable and well-designed, and the neat thing about it is that it comes with guides that have been constructed out of titanium alloy. Since I was resolute on using monofilament, I found that titanium alloy was the best material for guides as they would withstand the abuse and traction.

While baitcasting raises some difficulties to first-time users, I’m pretty sure that with a bit of practice, I’ll get better. I won’t be discouraged by backlashes as everyone gets them in the beginning. What I’m more interested in is learning how to cast properly, as now I know that I should practice it as much as I can. Maybe if I go fishing every weekend, I’ll learn how to cast on longer distances in due time.

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