About me


With the presidential election drawing near a lot of my friends ask me what I think about Hillary becoming president. As a woman who actively participates in what is stereotypically called “men’s sports”, by this I am referring to my love of fishing and hunting, I understand what it took for her to be successful in a “man’s world”. I admire and respect her for that.


She has been in public service for most of her life, and that is another great accomplishment. Since leaving the White House as our former First Lady, she has gone on to be a senator and most notably the Secretary of State. While I am excited to see a woman on the presidential ticket and I think that it is time for a serious change in Washington D.C., I’m just not sure that it should be our former Secretary of State. Unfortunately she represents a lot of what is wrong with our country’s government, and while having a female president would be a huge change, I’m just not sure if she is the one. Before you ask, this certainly does not mean that I am leaning towards supporting Mr. Trump. That might be too big of a change, and I honestly don’t think the country and the rest of the world is quite ready for him.


I like many things about Mrs. Clinton and dislike an equal number, and that is what is making this election so difficult for me. Judging by the polls and constant interviews with fellow voters I am certainly not alone in these feelings. I actually saw a billboard in front of a business that read “ If your refrigerator is running I’m voting for it”. Sad, but sometimes I think that it’s not a bad idea.


Hillary Clinton definitely has the experience our future president needs to lead this country, especially with all of the problems in the world right now. She is already familiar with how our bureaucratic government works, and there is a possibility that she could be able to cut through a lot of the red tape and actually enact some positive changes. As soon as I think of that I also remember that she is basically untrustworthy, and I really am tired of that character trait showing up in all of our politicians. There is also a potential problem with her health, and that does make me slightly nervous. I don’t think her running mate is exactly “presidential material”.


If I thought that the Green Party candidate had a chance of winning I would vote for her. At least I know that she stands for the environment since she is currently fighting alongside Native Americans to stop an oil pipeline from snaking through their native lands. Last I heard she was spray painting the oil company’s bulldozers, and that is a woman running for president that I could get behind.