I don’t get why more women aren’t interested in fishing and hunting

I tried figuring out why so many women lack any interest in either hunting or fishing, and I managed to come up with several reasons. One of the most important ones seems to be that these two activities aren’t necessarily eco-friendly. Even though there are many exceptions to the rule, many women are compassionate and don’t find anything entertaining about catching a fish or hunting for big or small game. Many have actually forgotten about their ancestry and roots, in that they completely ignore the hunter-gatherer aspect of our human nature. What’s more, it seems to me that, since many women choose to be mothers and therefore, create another living and breathing being, it’s difficult for them to become killers. In spite of the fact that hunters don’t think of them as such, they are killers.


The issue, in this case, is that women often times ignore the fact that hunting and fishing have to take place following certain rules. There are local legislations to abide by and official seasons where anglers, archers, and shooters, are legally allowed to catch their target and bring it on home. What’s more, many spouses and female relatives may also avoid looking into eco-friendly practices such as the catch and release policy. While it is not particularly common, this policy is performed nowadays due to the risk of endangering fish species in various habitats. Also, it is worth noting that sometimes, hunting for a particular game such as rabbits or fishing for bass, for instance, can actually be beneficial for the local fauna. In many cases, these invasive species were so powerful and bred so quickly that they managed to destroy the habitat of other native ones, which can be seen easily only by looking at the destruction of the natural ecosystem caused by rabbits in Australia.


Another factor that comes to mind is that these two activities are typically anything but clean and tidy. When you’re out fishing, your clothes are likely to become dirty at some point or the other, and this goes for hunting, just as well. Many a time, you have to lie on your stomach to get a clear picture of your target and be able to make a clean kill. It’s rather obvious that this side of the story is less preferred by women, who usually like sports and outdoor activities that are somewhat cleaner when compared to fishing and hunting.

Finally, the last reason I managed to come up with is that these two sports require a lot of patience on the part of the person. Sitting and waiting on the shore for half a day is quite common among anglers, but many women have constructive characters that force them to feel like they could be doing something more useful other than waiting for or getting the fish to bite. Apparently, the same rule applies to hunting, as there’s a high chance you won’t ever shoot that deer down if you make a lot of noise, lose your patience, and try to be more productive than waiting around for it to show up in sight.

Here’s a website for ladies who’d like to experience these 2 great activities.

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