My new fly fishing gear

Sitting at home in summer is a waste of time. So, I decided to get ready and explore new fishing places and techniques. Something that I haven’t tried in long is fly fishing, thus, I’ve left home one day and decided to acquire some new tackle gear, as I didn’t have anything nearly as professional as I wanted. In the end, after reading many reviews and studying the price offers of many fly fishing combos, I finally found my soul mate. As I’m already familiar with this angling technique and also possess some equipment at home, I decided I should concentrate on finding a great reel and rod combo, as my old one got a bit shabby. But, since I consider myself a connoisseur when it comes to fishing, I haven’t bought a ready-made combination, but dared teaming up the reel and combo myself, using my own brains.


dumm5I’m pretty happy with the result, so I’ve decided to talk about the two here, starting with the rod: the Okuma Crisium. This is a graphite, 2-piece 9 foot long rod (which is the all-round length for fly fishing) with a medium action that will masterfully serve all angling purposes. It is hard to put in words how precise and smooth castings I accomplish with it. In this, you can see the hands of the Okuma experts, as the line smoothly passes through the guides when you cast. Also, the graphite blank senses any vibration coming from the water, so it’s really difficult to miss even a small bite, if it happens. Of course, it is not only the sturdy but sensitive build of the shaft that convinced me to buy it, but also the cork, comfortable grip with which it is fitted. Most of my rods have foam grips and I’m always happy to find an affordable alternative combining graphite and cork in one product. In addition, all parts are made with quality and durable materials: the guides are made with stainless steel and titanium oxide, both of them corrosion resistant and the reel seat is made with rosewood, a heavy and long-lasting material.


dumm4I teamed up this great rod with the Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel, as I considered it to be not only a great partner for this rod, but also a bargain, considering the money I paid on it. The second reason why I bought it is that it is a well-engineered piece of equipment. Firstly, it comes with a disc drag system, which means I can use it for bigger fish species. Secondly, the corrosion resistant properties of the materials used make it ideal for saltwater fishing. This reel is built with CNC-machined aluminum alloy, and this too ensures resistance and waterproof properties. The disc drag system is made with stainless steel and has a one-way clutch bearing. The mid-arbor design ensures an easy retrieve and the reel can be converted for right or left hand use easily. You can find more info on this reel here.


I tried it outside to see how it works and the results gave me great expectations for my next fishing trip!

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