Website Designing and Web Development


In today’s world having a website has become an essential part of any business as it not only gives you a strong stand in your market but also bridges the gap between your business and anyone searching for the services that you provide. In other words, all the prospective customers to your business can get to know about you and your products and services through your website if you have it on the internet. Website design and development is the first step in direction of making a website online over internet.

Website design and web development are two distinct processes but are usually referred as one because of their interdependency. While Website design deals with the overall look and feel of the website that create your brand in market. Website development provides the functionality needed to make a website work over internet.

A good website design & layout needs a good marketing strategy; the better the rating of your website on Google and other search engines the more business for you. Internet marketing is just the best thing in today’s world, everything is now dependent on the search engines, be it shopping for electronic appliances, cars or clothes, and everything is just a click away! And the key to success to survive in any online business is using the best internet marketing service provider, who knows what your product is about and who your targeted audience is!

Web designing and web development are the two key factors involved behind the making of a classic user-friendly website. The web designer is engaged in reading the mind of the customers and thus providing them with the perfect website designs as desired by the clients. They work with Graphic designing, Flash animations, CSS, XHTML, Photo-shop, etc. for giving the ideal look to the website. On the contrary, the web developer is engaged in the process of converting this thought into a live website with great features and functions as demanded by the client. The developer also works on developing software and other functioning tools as needed by the clients. Thus, the entire website development team works together to give result to their projects.

The website design must have FAQ (frequently asked questions), case studies about the products and services of the company, portfolios, brochures, marketing text and promotional tools to tempt your customers. The business gets boosted up with the presence on the web; a roar in online business affects sales and promotes the products in a new dimension. The website designing and development services makes it possible, it lures potential customers on internet when we talk about the front part, looks and best working strategies. Website designing is an art to perform, it has to be user’s friendly and search engine’s friendly. Most of the professionals including big companies, industries, logistics and businesses use their website to increase contacts, contracts and web presence. After making the website lives on the web, the client may get many opportunities to expand their business, and earn countless profits.

For designing a website, our designers at 3W Design need to know all the requirements specified by the client. He should know all the basic details of the company, as he has to show the image of the company in the market through the website. Also the color scheme, pictures and the content should be in accordance to the client and as per the customer’s demand from the company. The designers create the websites with unique ideas and efforts to catch the eyes of the visitors. The development team then benchmarks the products and services and then accordingly optimizes the website measuring the rival’s position. Optimization process takes some time as it in turn gives high ranks at the major search engine results.