What you need to know when you’re fishing in the summer

Every season has its own specific fishing rules that you need to obey to if you want to land fish. These rules are not always related to the species you target, but also to the surroundings. So what do you need to know about summer fishing? I have chosen four things that I consider to be most important for the hot fishing season.


Dress in an appropriate manner

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Fishing clothing is important no matter the season. For hot days, wear airy garments, a good sun protective hat and sunglasses. Don’t underestimate the importance of materials: sun protective and waterproof materials are a must for such circumstances, but your basic fishing clothes should at least be made with quality materials, that will make you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to take with you a hoodie for cold evenings and mornings and sunscreen.


Protect yourself from harmful insects and mosquito bites

You can do this in two ways: you either buy a set of clothes that are made with mosquito repellent fabrics or you use bug spray. If you want to make sure mosquitos and other bugs won’t touch you, you can do both.


Adapt your gear to the circumstances

dumm2I’m strictly referring to the fishing circumstances here. The best way to reel in some fish is to carefully study your surroundings. One thing you should keep in mind when you go fishing on a summer’s day is vegetation. You may have visited the same place in spring or autumn, but it will definitely look so much more different now, with all the herbs growing around it or in water. Vegetation can get your line and bait into trouble. The problem with water plants is that you get to see only what’s on the surface. If your line gets stuck in algae or other plant roots, good luck getting it out of there. Many fishermen have broken their lines or even rod this way. In addition, remember that fish will look for cooler spots, provided by trees shadow or water plants, so they will hide among these, if necessary. If you want to catch something that day, make sure your rod is able to handle rougher fishing conditions and that you use bait that floats or has small chances of getting tangled.


Check out new fishing spots

There’s no time like summer to discover new places to go fishing. The day is longer than usual, the sun shines brighter and you rarely need to endure cold or rainy days. Of course, that also depends on where you go fishing, but, normally, summer is the best time to explore unknown places and discover some fishing spots that will make your friends envious.

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